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Kerry Hallett Music

Kerry Hallett is a local singer and guitar player who has been performing in the area since 2019. Her live performances are catchy and melodic; she creates a unique sound by blending her dreamy vocals with a diverse catalogue of covers -- each of which she re-crafts as if her own. Classically trained on the cello, she taught herself to play guitar at the age of 13 so that she could do what she really wanted to do -- sing! From 2015-18 she wrote and fronted the Philadelphia based band Heart Harbor.


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Callum Toner Music

Callum is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Ocean City, MD. She navigates the realm of sonics quickly and sets her own rules with such a distinctive voice - choosing music that feels and looks correct to her because she was born with synesthesia. Her sounds range from gentle jazz to alternative pop. She possesses a special capacity to put her emotions into context in a way that affects your spirit - when you listen to her music, you feel as though you have known her forever.


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